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John “Grizzy” Grzywacz
Professor Emeritus
U.S. Department of Labor
OSHA National Training Institute
Tel: (847) 436-7745


OSHA National Training Institute icon and senior faculty member, Professor John “Grizzy” Grzywacz is now available to provide training and consultation for your  needs.

Grizzy, as he likes to be called has been recognized by OSHA’s National Office in Washington D.C. as both a National Electrical Code (NEC®) historian as well as “the best electrical safety trainer in the country!”  Certainly at the very least Grizzy has been OSHA’s electrical safety guru and has been instrumental in shaping and interpreting OSHA policy and regulations over the years. Having assisted OSHA compliance officers with significant electrical cases and fatality investigations over the years, many compliance officers have stated that “Grizzy's departure marks the end of an era.” at OSHA’s National Training Institute.

In addition to training both Federal and State OSHA investigators, Grizzy has trained numerous U.S. Federal agencies, as well as Air Force, Army, Navy, Coast Guard, and private sector throughout the U.S. as well as overseas. Some of the courses he has chaired and taught for OSHA include: Electrical Standards, Electrical Safety Related Work Practices and NFPA 70E, Electrical Power Generation Transmission and Distribution, OSHA Train the Trainer courses, OSHA 10 & 30 Hour Outreach courses, Machinery and Machine Guarding Standards, Mechanical Power Press Guarding, Introduction to Safety Standards for Safety Officers, Inspection Techniques and Legal Aspects, Collateral Safety for Federal Agencies, Occupational Safety and Health Course for Other Federal Agencies, as well as numerous seminars for conferences and special events. Grizzy is still continuing in retirement providing the same services he has provided during his OSHA career including currently training OSHA compliance officers nationwide and assisting OSHA compliance officers with OSHA fatality investigations.

Grizzy has appeared as an expert witness for OSHA, and served as chief OSHA investigator on complex electrical fatality investigations.  For over two decades he has trained OSHA compliance officers in numerous areas including OSHA policy, safety and health regulations, safety and health management systems, legal aspects of investigations, and enforcement strategies. Not only has he provided forensic analysis on electrical fatalities and accidents for OSHA he enjoys the unique distinction of never having lost an OSHA case in his career.  His electrical expertise has not only shaped OSHA policy but also the new OSHA Electrical Standard which became effective in August 2007.  Grizzy is currently a member of the ASTM F-18 Committee which writes the “Electrical Protective Equipment for Workers” standards.
Licensed by the Department of Education, Grizzy had been both an educator and administrator for various public and private schools and held the position of Electronic Department Chairman and subsequently Deputy Director of Education at a New York City proprietary school.  In addition to being a nationally recognized seminar leader with over 30,000 hours of platform experience, Grizzy has taught at Purdue University, University of Southern California at San Diego, Texas A & M University, Northern Illinois University, Rochester Institute of Technology, and the New York State University System to name a few. Grizzy has numerous published works in video and print which have assisted safety professionals and helped workers for decades.

Currently, in addition to training numerous Federal Agencies as well as private sector, Grizzy continues to train OSHA compliance officers and personnel coast to coast, as well as still providing investigative assistance to the Agency on fatality investigations and significant cases.